About Us

As the founder of La Ree Boutique, I'm on a mission to do something different in Seattle. At an early age my grandmother, Virginia LaRee Groff, helped me to appreciate fashion from every era. Her wisdom and perspective helped ignite my passion — and by combining a love of style, a successful professional history, and eclectic travel experiences, I work to bring you a carefully edited selection of the world's most compelling options.

Clothes tell a story and it's always been a dream of mine to help people tell theirs.

I keep an eye on what's next but don't chase trends. I work to bring you a mix of the fresh, simple, classic and elegant — and have designed my store with those same sensibilities.

From the moment you step inside I want you to be immersed in an experience that's both informal and sophisticated. More than just a retail store, I've designed it to be a respite from the ordinary. To help set the mood we always have subtle and inviting candles burning — so you can come with your girlfriends to peruse beautiful apparel — or just bask in our reprieve with a glass of wine.

Everyone who works at La Ree has a shared passion for the tone that's been created and each person adds something I couldn't offer on my own. The La Ree team is knowledgeable about fashion and can help guide you to the styles you know you're looking for and offer suggestions for something unique.

Whether you have a minute or an hour, I want you to feel as passionate about La Ree Boutique as I do.

Come join us on the journey to find beautiful style.